It’s Wednesday, Wednesday…

Doesn’t have the same effect right? But a blog! With actual happenings in it other than “I got on a coach” “I went to work”!

Yesterday, was a big day for whovians! It was the BFI/Press screening of the first episode of Series 7 ‘Asylum of the Daleks’ and I was lucky enough to get tickets for me and a few friends, including the fabulous Little Miaow. A review of the episode will be up as part of the the regularly scheduled programming tomorrow, but today I’m just going to blog about my day and the experience of it all, and mostly the Q+A.

The screening was at the BFI southbank, and as you may have guessed from my previous blogs, I had been at my house in Liverpool. So for me it was a 5am start, and a coach to London at 6.30am from campus (never thought I’d be on campus earlier than 9 to be honest…) that included a woman with a crying baby, which didn’t help me sleep much. But it’s okay! Because I was high on doctor who’in as I like to call it.

I arrived in London at 12.30 and waited for my friend’s coach to get in before marching of to the BFI on the southbank. And then we played the waiting game. Eventually Steven Moffat walked past us and I walked over to him excitedly and asked him to sign my brilliant book of who 2012. Then a short while later we caught Arthur Darvill going in and he also signed my book yay!

Unfortunately the BFI is a place of many entrances so we were at the wrong one for Matt Smith and Karen Gillan but I did get interviewed for BBC five live so that was awesome. Then I sat down again and waited for 6pm and in my waiting spotted Mark Gatiss! Mark Gatiss has actually walked past me before and I didn’t act upon it quick enough so I am so glad I realised it was him this time! And wow is he lovely! That was it for meeting stars for now and when 6pm came along, we excitedly took our seats in the cinema.

And then, Tony Lee (writer of doctor who comics for IDW) sat down in front of us and recognising him I asked him to sign something for my friend (as he’d previously signed mine). As  the cinema filled, we also found Mark Gatiss in our row and (which I only realised afterwards) Nicola Bryant behind me! Then the main cast walked in and sat two rows infront and we were all a bit giggly then! Talk about rubbing elbows with the stars.

The episode came on yada yada (review tomorrow!!) and then there was the Q+A which was extremely funny and included Matt Smith confirming he was always going to be around for 2014, Richard Bacon (who was running the panel) trying to squeeze out of Steven plans for the 50th, Caro Skinner saying that there’ll be a doctor who prom next year among a ton of other events and some hilarity with Matt Smith and a phallic looking microphone.
Then afterwards we found out (from a source I will not name) where the after party was and managed to sweettalk the security guard into letting us meet Matt. So I met him after all! Shame about Karen though, it’s probably her last doctor who event and I wanted her for my book. But I’m hoping she’ll do a convention soon!


My review is now available here


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