I like make-up. Also feminism. The two are most definitely compatible

You may remember from this post, that I’m a little bit of a feminist in training. Until recently then, feminism isn’t something I’ve toyed with. But it is now. However – there are still some aspects I feel slightly uncomfortable with and I’ll hopefully be able to express that here.

My greatest and possibly most expensive pleasure is make-up. I love the creativity of playing with different colours and I love the look of a nice thick line of eyeliner. I love carefully applying my foundation every morning with a brush that was more expensive than the foundation itself and especially the days when I’ve just washed said brush so the whole act feels so much silkier and smoother than usual. I love mac, I love benefit, I love urban decay (a large problem when student loans comes around of course…)

I can spend hours before a night out playing with my Naked Palette to get the best combination and I know that a perfect face makes me feel awesome. Make-up makes me feel fierce and prepared for the day and without it I often feel a bit scatty or lost (especially at the moment when I’m trying to grow my eyebrows out a bit after a massive over-pluck so without eyebrow pencil to make them look sensible I look a bit alien). And you know what makes me feel even better? People telling me how awesome it looks. People telling me how worth the time, the money and the effort was in doing so. I get a thrill when the boyf says I look awesome (bonus points as well for saying I look awesome without it but even hotter with it, because thats kind of the point)

Some areas of feminism however would disagree with this. A strong woman shouldn’t care how she dresses and looks because ‘prettying herself up’ is opening her up to objectification by men. Our bodies are our own and we should be proud of them and not feel like we should have to make ourselves up to look like what society would conform as ‘normal’ etcetc. Essentially – all that sort of bullshit.

I fundamentally disagree. Just because I love make-up and I love comments on it, doesn’t make me less of a strong woman and basking in a compliment doesn’t make me the weaker sex at all. In fact – I think it makes me an even stronger woman. By spending money and hours on decorating my face, I’m not opening myself up to be objectified because that almost contradicts the idea of feminism itself. If my body is my own, I should be able to dress in a certain way or wear a certain amount of make-up without being told I’m doing it for men. I’m doing it for myself more than anything else.

So yeah, I identify as a feminist and yeah, I’m obsessed with make-up. But the two things are most definitely compatible. Happy International Women’s Day!



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