A party of the left? Urm, hello?

Written in response to this article in yesterday’s Guardian 

 Dear Ken Loach, I’ve got something to tell you. I really think your calls for a new party of the left are great, but I think you’re missing a vital point. There already is one.

Before you get upset, of course I don’t mean labour. I agree with you, Labour are failing. Labour are presenting a half-arsed front against the bedroom tax and they are standing by as everything they’ve worked for in welfare is destroyed. Labour aren’t presenting the tough fight against the Tories that their mouths are claiming they are.

We do need a party of the left Mr Loach. But I’d just like to inform you that there already is one, and if there’s not, then I need to be suing someone for scamming me.

That party of the left? The Green Party.

With one MP in Parliament, The Green Party is doing a good job of fighting against the ‘coalition’ government. Caroline Lucas tabled the motion against the NHS bill before labour did (and then they shamefully asked her to withdraw it so they could look better). She’s been consistent with her calls against bedroom tax. If this is what we can do with one, think what we could do with hundreds.

Nationally The Green Party is also taking a stand. Green-controlled Brighton Council has refused to evict tenants who fail to meet their rent as a result of the bedroom tax. Their budget for this year puts forward £10 million for primary schools and £27 million in housing, showing they have a real commitment to left politics.

They have a commitment to welfare, to education and to all of the things that a left party needs. But they’re also a party of the future. We’re a party that understands how we need to create a sustainable life, we’re a party that knows that the environment and the economy needs to be intertwined. We’re a party that is fighting for a strong and solid future, not only environmentally, but for life as well.

I’ve already highlighted a bit of an issue though. We only have one MP in Parliament, it’s true. But we’re a party on the rise. We’re coming up stronger and stronger in local elections. Our membership is growing. Labour too came out of nowhere to government and we’re doing the same.

Mr Loach, what the Green Party could really do with, is people like you, people who recognise the problems the left faces and try to do something about it. But rather than forming a new party of the left, join the existing one., and get your supporters in your petition to do so too.  To be successful, the left needs to unite and forming a new party would not help this.

But joining the one that has already had a lot of success and is continuing to gain more would.

Mr Loach, there is a party of the left. And it’s a ruddy good one.


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