My Doctor… But the best may be yet to come

Matt Smith became my favourite doctor about 20 minutes into The Eleventh Hour and ever since he’s gone on from strength to strength. So one could say that I’m pretty upset to find out his time is nearly up.

At the same time, I was kind of expecting it. There’s been speculation for a while that Matt is about to leave, and with him expanding into new ventures the time looked to be coming soon.

11thhour 001

Am I upset? Yes. Am I inconsolable? No.

Casting my mind back to the last time it was announced the doctor was to regenerate (when Tennant left, not the other faux regenerations since) I remember thinking that Doctor Who was over. I remember claiming that Matt Smith seemed cheesy from his short regeneration scene and declaring that I hated it. I probably said that I’d never watch Doctor Who again.

But I was wrong. Well, he was a pretty cheesy doctor. But it was far from over.

Under Matt Smith the show got better, and I’m confident that as much as I love Matt, my experiences with David Tennant and Christopher Eccleston have shown that it’s not the end of the world (I bleed for Old Who fans who’ve experienced this a number of times :p). Maybe I won’t like the next Doctor as much as Matt, and I think given my sheer appreciation for him, that’s maybe likely.


But the point of the show is change, and I’m looking forward to something different. Even if it is, as The Times (and everyone else since the history of ever) is speculating, a female Doctor (come on, they truly sewed the seeds in The Doctor’s Wife afterall) , I’m looking forward to what comes next.

Steven Moffat said once, that the best thing about being a Doctor Who fan is loving it even when it is rubbish. And here’s the thing – even if I don’t like the new doctor, I will always love the show.


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