CWS: Interview your favourite fictional character

Prompt for creative writing society – Interview your favourite fictional character. Predictably I chose The Doctor (oh and check out my post about the end of his era here!)

What’s your name?

I’m the Doctor

Doctor Who?

Ooh, I love it when people say that, say it again!

Doctor Who?

You’ll never find out…

Okay Doctor, what do you do? 

I travel

Where have you been? 

Everywhere you can possibly imagine.

What countries?

Oh more than that. Worlds, universes. Past, future. Time, space.

That’s possible?

Well you see, people assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually it’s more like a ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff.

Wow. That’s pretty incredible actually.

It is. See I have my TARDIS. It’s a blue box. The Chameleon Circuit got stuck in 1960s Britain you see and I can’t fix it. And it travels through time and space.

TARDIS? Chameleon Circuit?

Yes, keep up

Oh, is that it over there?

Yes, the blue box. That’s the old girl.

But it’s tiny. Doesn’t it get a bit cramped?

Ah well, you’ll have to come and look to discover that secret.

Is that an invitation?



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