Park Bench (part 6)

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My mother calls me into her office first thing the following morning . She has also had no luck with the house, so she called to arrange it ‘properly’. I am to visit that afternoon. Until then, she wants me to investigate a small case about a over-protective boyfriend. It turns out the girlfriend is cheating on him after all.

I take a train to Salem’s house, as it’s too far out of town for me to walk, despite my keen desire to do so when I can. His house isn’t far from the station (being rich enough I suppose he bought his own), and is simple enough to find, given it’s size. Not many people have this money in the world anymore.

To the untrained eye, the house is as normal. No extra security, no media. Nothing to give away that Salem isn’t around. However, I know well enough to see the small dots on the gate that signal a government camera. I show one of them my ID and the gate opens.

Normal policy is to scout the outer areas of a property first, so I spend twenty or so minutes wandering around the property’s gardens, even though I have an idea where I need to go. They’re well kept, and smell like perfume due to the mixture of strong smelling flowers. Once it looks like I’m certain there’s nothing in the gardens, I head inside, looking for a door to lead me down.

The wine in the cellar was a clue and I knew it. So really, my first job is to look for the cellar. It takes a while, but eventually I find a door, just off a utility room and I begin to descend. I use my phone as a light when I’m unable to find a switch.

When I reach the bottom of the concrete staircase, the lights automatically come on to reveal an empty cellar. I look around momentarily before deciding to return upstairs. Maybe the newspaper wasn’t linked after all.


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