Random Photo Prompt!

For Creative Writing this week, we were tasked with finding a random photo from a generator and writing a piece about it. I got this photo:

82543860.1VP9XMQyFor more info on the prompt, and the Creative Writing Society at the University of Liverpool, click here!


He drove through the endless suburbs and he felt very alone. It was late spring, and all the trees had blossomed and turned green, so he was unsure why he was feeling so low. If it was winter, it would be perfectly understandable. It’s not easy to remain happy when the trees aren’t.

But it was nearly summer. Not late enough in the year yet that children would be likely to run across his path, as they went over to a friends across the street and failed to look properly, or ran out to grab their ball. Maybe that was why. The lack of excited voices, full of prospects and future.

His was ruined now. Yes, maybe that was it. Maybe his sorrow and his loneliness stemmed from what he had done a mere few days ago. He shouldn’t have, but he couldn’t face it any longer. His mother was dying, and she’d asked him. But he couldn’t shake of the feeling that he’d done something wrong.

He pulled to a stop suddenly,  because there was no car behind him to express their loud horn of anger, and he sat in his car waiting a while. Waiting for the feeling to subside. Waiting for the memory of his mothers cold body to go away. He was escaping, to the easiest place to remain anonymous.

The thing was, was he didn’t really have much to hide from. But he needed to. For himself.


My response to the second prompt is coming, but as it’s a longer piece it’s a work in progress!!! (Just incase any of you thought I’d failed on my committee duties :p)



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