Sunday’s are Different Prompt!

This is a response to a prompt from Creative Writing Society which can be viewed here. This is slightly inspired by Catwoman… also, I kind of hate first person so I’m making it third.

Everyday of the week she woke up alone, but Sundays are different. On Sundays she woke up with someone else lying next to her.

She wasn’t really sure what made her change her ways on a Saturday. Maybe it was the thrill of a good night, that made her decide to go and find herself a bedmate. She often still had the smell of the blood on her hands as she smiled, adjusting her skirt further up her thigh and said ‘Hey, wanna buy me a drink?’. They fell for her, because she was gorgeous and they thought ‘what’s a woman like her looking for in a man like me?’. They were lucky that she didn’t kill them too.

But maybe, just maybe it was loneliness. She didn’t have many friends because she couldn’t. Not only would it make her vulnerable, but it was also a damn sight near impossible for her to do. But someone she could take for a night, without regret? Now that was suitable.



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