Ways in which George Osborne could be ‘Briton of the Year’

I almost laughed when I discovered that The Times has named George Osborne ‘Briton of the Year’. The reasoning for doing so is just as funny. Apparently he deserves this title because he’s made some important decisions, but as chancellor, I should bloody hope he has made some important decisions.  With this in mind, I decided I’d make my own lists that he could feasibly top as Briton of the Year


Even George himself is laughing…

1. Stupidly Named Briton of the Year

Seriously, who calls their child Gideon?  

2. Most Aptly Named Briton of the Year

Leading on from number 1, after a quick google I discovered that Gideon is Hebrew for ‘Destroyer’. After the lives he’s ruined this year with his wonderfully brilliant policies, I think that name is rather apt after all. 

3. Most Despicable Briton of the Year

He’s quite high on my hate list…

4. Worst Parliamentarian in Briton of the Year

I can think of hundreds of reasons for this… Tax breaks for fracking companies, failure to accept that austerity isn’t working…

Okay okay,  so that might be a bit flippant. But there’s hundreds of people who I think deserve Briton of the Year above him.

How about, looking across to the opposition benches in Parliament, Caroline Lucas MP who has continually stood up and been the most principled politician we’ve probably ever seen. From getting arrested for protesting against fracking, to standing up against sexism in Parliament, 2013 has been great for Caroline. Ignoring my party bias, how about some of our other principled politicians like Tom Watson?

Talking of sexism, surely people like Laura Bates and Lucy Ann Holmes deserve a mention, for their cracking efforts with the Everyday Sexism Project and NoMorePage3.

What about Jack Monroe or Owen Jones? They’ve stood up for the poorest people this year who’ve been worst affected by the so-called Briton of the Year and his fellow ministers’ policies.

The list is endless and I could go on. Of course, we could expect no more from a right-wing paper run by the Murdoch empire, who are probably celebrating George Osborne and his fellows in Government for their lack of action on the Leveson Enquiry.


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