A spot of bother

TL;DR ON BLOG CHANGES. Skip 300 words for my blog. It’s been bothering me for a while now that this blog is a bit of a mishmash and I haven’t thought of a way to solve it. I’ve had reviews going on, as well as creative pieces and then the occasional opinion piece. I’ve had hundreds of different projects to encourage me into blogging and it often hasn’t worked. In nearly two years of holding this blog, I’ve posted less than 100 times.

I’ve also posted a few things that have changed. A few years ago I posted an article welcoming Natalie Bennett to her position of leadership to a party I’d never even considered as an option before, which I am now a huge part of (not meaning to sound braggy, but I am Co-Convenor of Young Greens North and that ;)). I wrote a piece on feminism and my previous struggles with it, and I’ve now moved on to being a true activist on both these grounds. I felt those pieces were hanging around like stale bread.

I considered splitting into different blogs but to me that didn’t seem to work, and having looked at my stats I have come to my current solution. I’ve deleted a lot of posts, and have streamlined what I will be posting about. I aim to post the occasional blog, like this one, as well as what I had previously categorised as opinion. This was a broad category that included things from politics, to my post on ebooks and I’ve now divided this up a bit more. Further to this, as my most popular posts were often my Doctor Who ones, I’m going to focus more on that. After all, it is probably one of my biggest loves.

For now, I’ve found a theme that I’m happy with and I’ve made a header that I’m happy with too. So looking onwards to 2014, I hope I can grow this blog to be the great thing it deserves.

Moving on… I love and hate January. It’s full of new beginnings, but it’s also full of revision and exams that I’m procrastinating doing. Today I’ve been at work, and for the next three days I will be completing my final piece of English coursework (bar my dissertation next semester, which I suppose counts :p) possibly ever. I’m not sure what I’m doing after I graduate in 7 months time, and it’s a rather touchy subject if you don’t mind…

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the changes on my blog and I look forward to seeing more viewers and more commenters. Happy New Year, I hope you have a good one.


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