My 2014 Goals!


I’m sure you’re sick of New Years by now, but I’ve been busy for the past 8 days and I wanted to wait until I handed my essay in before I started writing more posts. But I don’t like resolutions, I just want things that I’ll do rather than change. So here are my goals for 2014!

Work Harder

I always hate myself during revision time when I realise how little work I’ve done throughout the semester. It’s the final stretch now so I want to make sure I work as hard as possible in my last semester of university. I’m going to aim to complete my required reading every week and I’m going to get my essays in early.

Write More

I’m on the committee for my uni’s creative writing society but I almost NEVER write. I want to write more often, even if I don’t publish it. I love writing stories and it’s rare I do it. I’m going to change that

Win An Election

This year there’s a lot of elections happening – the European Elections, the local elections, elections for my students union and the NUS elections where my friend Clifford is running for the Block of 15. I want to win an election, either on a campaign team or as a candidate.

Get 200 Followers

This year I want to really increase my blog traffic. To do this I’ll be branding my blog a bit, which I’ve already started doing by buying my own domain. I’m also going to aim to read more blogs from other people and comment more.

Get a 2:1 in my Degree

It’s not a high aspiration I know, but I’ve got far too much going on and I haven’t achieved grades good enough so far to get myself a 1st. So I want to ensure that I get a good solid 2:1 on my degree

Lose a Stone

A few years ago I lost 2 stone while on weight watchers and I felt great. I’ve left my weight slip and it’s really sad to me every time I step on the scales. I want to lose 1 stone to get myself a bit healthier and then maintain it, although I hope I can lose a bit more… After exams maybe, when I’m not constantly snacking!

Save £1000

I need to save some of my student loan payments and wages to ensure that I have a fund to keep me going while I search for jobs. I’m aiming to have it a bit higher than this, but this would be a good minimum.

Read 52 Books

I achieved this last year and I want to achieve it again. This year I’m going to read 52 books, cover to cover.

Play More Open Mic Nights

Last year I took up the Ukulele and I played one open mic by the end of the year. I want to do more of these, and as a result get better at my uke.

Blog More!

I go through stages of love and neglect with my blog. I want to keep it up and keep on writing.


3 responses to “My 2014 Goals!

  1. Good goals, and I wish you all the best with achieving them. It’s always great to see someone from my hometown going out and achieving so much, and although our political views are almost entirely divergent, I wish you a very prosperous and eventful 2014!


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