11 things I’ll miss about the 11th Doctor

So Christmas Day came and went and it marked the end of my favourite doctor (so far).  I shed lots of tears, but since the last regeneration I watched (the last proper one) I’ve learnt to appreciate that while not every doctor will be my favourite, the point of the show is to move on and try new and fun things. Plus, I also learnt that things can get better than what seemed like the best. Peter Capaldi (okay so maybe this casting also sweetened the deal a teeny bit) debuted and has started filming his first series this week, so I thought I’d reminisce a bit about my favourite things about the 11th Doctor. 

1. The long speeches


These speeches were always the highlight of episodes. Even when the episode was relatively shit (uhum The Rings of Akhatten) a good old speech could bring it back into my favour a bit. It’s one of my favourite parts of The Eleventh Hour and certainly my favourite part of The Pandorica Opens. These are classic 11, and I love them.

2. ‘… are cool’

I loved his catchphrases. All of them. But this was probably my favourite. I even grew to love Geronimo, a phrase I hated when we first heard him say it, post-regeneration from the 10th doctor.

3. The Fringe

thefringeOh the hipster emo fringe. I doubt we’ll be seeing that on Peter Capaldi (imagine it though! IMAGINE)… or on Matt Smith again come to think of it (given that it’s already gone). Gosh I miss the fringe. It was so floppy and full of life.

4. I Am The Doctor

I love Murray Gold’s music. Not only is it good for motivation and helping me revise but it’s just genuinely lovely. But now 11’s hour is over, there’ll be no more of his theme ‘I Am The Doctor’ and this makes me sad. It’s a triumphant piece of music and I can only hope that 12 has a better one.

5. The Madman with a Box

Matt Smith’s doctor was quirky and funny and he truly was a madman with a box. While other doctor’s have been kind-of way (i.e. Troughton), we’ll never truly get that essence again and that makes me very sad.

6. The Ponds

Yeah so I’ve had a while to mourn these two, but to me Clara just doesn’t match up. It’s not even a companion replacement syndrome, because I loved Craig when he appeared. But Clara is just bland to me. Sure she has her moments, but I often fail to see what makes her special. But the Ponds. They were great. And I loved that the Doctor had a team.

7. His first TARDIS

Yes. Yes that is a video of me on the TARDIS set.

Okay, so this is another one I’ve had a long time to mourn so far, but 11th’s first TARDIS was strikingly beautiful. It was big and cavernous and it made me want to explore like no TARDIS has ever before. And while his second TARDIS was just as big, the lack of bright colours saddened me greatly. Bring back the orange.

8. His costumes

So I guess the purple costume will get one more outing with Peter Capaldi but gosh, I’ll miss the bow-ties and the fezzes and the tweed. It’s funny, I thought I hated the purple costume at first too, and then I loved it. Dayum he dressed well.

9. The young old man

The 11th Doctor, despite having a young face (well, right up to the end ey) seemed old. There was something about his eyes that made you feel like they’ve seen hundreds of worlds and millions of people. With an older face now, we won’t see this anymore. Who knows though, maybe it’ll be the other way round

10. His lack of humanity

Gosh I love how time-lord this doctor was. The 10th doctor was very human, and it was nice to have a breeze.

11. Matt Smith’s face. In general

Okay, so maybe I’m running out of ideas slightly here and I was trying to be clever by doing 11 things, but Matt Smith is a beautiful beautiful man. I’ll miss him more than anything.


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