Busy should be my middle name

I love doing things, which often means that I find I barely have time to breathe. This week has been no different.

Starting off the week at a run, I had refreshers fair for two societies, coaching a school, training for coaching in schools and then another meeting about the student debt sell off week next week (more on this later) on Monday. I spent my Wednesday in and out of meetings and by Friday I was feeling like my feet hadn’t touched the ground.

Hopefully this week will be a bit calmer. I’ve just got back from judging a schools debating competition today and I’m already racking up a list of things I need to do tomorrow (mostly uni-related, which is always good). I’ve got to organise a schedule so I can get all my reading in for my modules as there is lots of it to do, and I need to work super hard this term to reign it all in. I also have a few priorities tomorrow in terms of forms I need to fill in so I’ll get on that!

Basically, this was a quick update to say – I’m not dead! I said I’d blog more and for the past two or three weeks I haven’t but this is mainly due to exams etc. I will get a few posts up this week, but in the meantime, thank you for looking 🙂


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