Sometimes it’s just nice…

This weekend has been a rare occasion for me. All my plans were cancelled last minute, which meant I had a lot of chance for some me time.



Of course, Friday was Valentines day, and I was treated to a lovely dinner in an Argentinian restaurant before we came home and watched Netflix. Saturday morning was similar, we laid in bed with my laptop on and didn’t properly surface until 4pm.  This did mean that I got nothing really productive done until the evening where I spent some time organising my reading lists and what I was to do this week, but it did mean I had a nice relaxing day (a rarity) with my boyfriend.

Today was the complete opposite. I got up at 10am and went straight to the gym (just round the corner from my flat, but something I rarely ever use!) and found out while I was there that my plans for today were again to be cancelled. This meant that once I returned home from the gym I made some pizza before popping off to the library where I spent seven and a half hours catching up on reading I’ve missed and starting reading for my essays. Unfortunately, the list for the work I need to do is still pretty long but I was glad to get some things done, and I’ve got all of tomorrow to do some more!

It’s strange, but weekends feel more productive to me than the week. During the week I am more inclined to ignore work, leaving it to a weekend where I’m often working or at a debating competition.

Forward to a week ahead, where I might get some work done! And, I might even update this blog more often… One can only hope!


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