A quick story about the 2009 European Elections!


Just under 5 years ago (3rd June 2009), I was a sixteen year old preparing to take my English Language GCSE exam the next day. But a GCSE English exam wasn’t the most important event happening on the following day, no. It was the European elections.

We were tasked with writing a piece to persuade and little sixteen year old Hannah, with her black hair and her affinity for my chemical romance (NB: this is still a thing that exists, and I miss having black hair), wrote a piece on how she was concerned about people voting BNP.

A few days later, she discovered her worst nightmare had happened and Nick Griffin had gained a seat in the North West region. At the time, little sixteen year old Hannah (who then went on to get an A* in that exam) probably didn’t realise that she would, by the time the next European Election came around be able to vote in that region.

Tomorrow I will be voting for the Green Party, who in the last election, while I sat my GCSE English Language exam, lost out by 0.3% of the vote. While the BNP aren’t a threat this time, UKIP are. So let’s keep them out.

If you want to vote against the establishment, don’t vote for the party that personifies it. Vote for the real alternative tomorrow and get Peter Cranie into the European Parliament.



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