Dear Paperchase, STOP selling Gendered Stationery

A few months ago, I was involved in a short twitter exchange with Paperchase regarding their gendered activity pads. A long term customer of the company, I was disappointed to see the items on sale and hoped that as a result of our conversation they would make a change.


Unfortunately, they did not. Today, while browsing the Liverpool store, I came across them on sale again and was left thoroughly disappointed.

I believed, as a result of our previous conversation, Paperchase would have removed them from sale, but I was foolish to think that as a single consumer this would be the case. So, now I want to multiply. I have created this petitionĀ 

Please consider signing the petition to help me in my fight. Gendered toys are harmful for the development of children, as they limit children’s interests and forces them into certain behaviours. Growing up, girls are treated differently and this continues throughout their life, but I would LOVE to eradicate it as young as possible.

Please help me in my fight to stop Paperchase from selling these pads.

Don’t forget, sign sign sign!


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