The end and the beginning

Ed: I found this in my drafts, overdue from nearly a month ago when I finished uni. Ironically, starting with how little I’ve posted recently… woops.

I’ve popped up a few times here and there but I’ve basically been absent since January or so. With this in mind, I’ve got a few life updates coming but I wanted to start here with the most major one – finishing my degree, thereby my 17 odd years of education.

A completed dissertation

A completed dissertation

I’ve seen lots of Facebook statuses and the like over the past few days and I’ve wanted to weigh in, but I’ll admit to having real trouble with putting my feelings into words.

I love, and have really always loved, being in education. I love having a daily purpose (although that didn’t exist so much at university, having had no more than 8 hours contact time throughout) and in a small way, I loved all the stationery and writing and organisation that being in education required. But more importantly than that – I love learning.

Ending my education is tough for me. I wanted it to continue into postgraduate study but right now, I don’t feel like that’s wholly for me. I need some time to pay off my debt from my undergraduate study and to focus on what I want to do and achieve.I’m not sure where my career is going right now, and I don’t want to undertake an expensive masters to discover that I don’t want to go into that area.

It’s complicated – I have a lot of interests, (I imagine, not unlike others) and I’ve never been one to choose. Up until filling in my UCAS application for University, I was chopping and changing between studying English and Politics and Communications Studies right until the end. Then after a year of studying Single Honours English, I changed my mind and hopped over to Combined Honours. While this meant I enjoyed my university life possibly more than I would have, and meant I met two of my best friends from university, it has also left me in a similar position to three years ago – lost at what to choose.

So right now for me, it’s the job hunt. I’ve got a few ideas about where I might go but mostly, I want to try new things. I’m applying for jobs in PR and in recruitment and even in sales (something I never really considered, I must admit!). But it’s never going to be the end of my education.

While I won’t be studying full time for the moment (if I ever do go back!) I’ll never stop learning. Life is a journey, and this isn’t the end of mine. Rather, it’s the beginning. I’m stepping into the ‘real’ world and finding myself a job, but I know within that I’ll be learning new things every day. And even outside of that, I’m planning to continue my abandoned DuoLingo and explore some courses from FutureLearn.

All of my friends are expressing sadness at university ending, and I guess I’m the same. But all I wanted to say is this – it’s not the end. Ever. Keep on learning.


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