The Half-Way Mark

This year, I set myself 10 goals.  As June has drawn to a close, I thought I’d report back, on things I’ve done and things I haven’t, to keep me motivated and moving forwards, particularly as some of them have expired with my student card.


Work Harder

Definitely didn’t happen! As I sat in my room, the night before my dissertation deadline, pushing to the 10,000 words mark, I scolded myself! Not to mention the two essays written the night before… I did do more revision though (although it didn’t seem to pay off…)

Write More

I don’t think I’ve written anything creative this year yet…

Win An Election

This is a complex one. I’ve stood for election twice myself this year, and both times I’ve failed to succeed. I stood as a sabbatical officer at my students union and performed rather abysmally (about 200/2000 votes), failing to gain one of the four positions up for grabs. Then in May, I stood for the first time in a ‘proper’ election as a Green Party Candidate, gaining an impressive 19% of the votes with 365. For the former, I spent two weeks campaigning every hour of the day, but for the latter I did barely anything.

But, as I said in my original post, I was counting friend’s wins in this too. Clifford did indeed make the block of 15 and Liverpool Green Party gained two new councillors this year (although we didn’t gain an MEP, being horrifyingly close again). So… kind of?

Get 200 Followers

I’ve gone backwards on this one, having changed over from to .org, hosting myself…

Get a 2:1 in my Degree


Lose a Stone

I think I may have put a stone on.  But, that being said, I am working at it and I am currently following the free NHS plan, and doing both couch to 5k and strength and flex. Hopefully by the end of the year, I’ll have lost 2 stone or more!

Save £1000

Erm… definitely didn’t happen. I’ll keep trying (if I ever find a job oh woe me)

Read 52 Books

In progress. I’m currently on book 15, which does put me behind, but I’m hoping to catch up soon!

Play More Open Mic Nights

Yeah, I’m yet to do one…

Blog More!

It was sadly neglected again, but I did pop up a few times. I think most of it was the election and then essays getting in the way, but now I’m no longer a student and super unemployed, I’m trying to do more. We’ll see about this one in December…


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