BookTubeAThon/BlogAThon Day 5: Make a rainbow of your favourite books

Ed- Graduation week got the better of me and not only am I behind on books I’ve read (day 5, 2 books completed!) but I’m also behind on blog posts. Here’s today’s challenge and rest assured, I will do some catching up (although I don’t think I’ll be doing all of them!) on the posts, and I still hope to hit 7 books, but we’ll see. For now, here’s my rainbow!

I found this pretty difficult. Having read primarily on kindle for the past few years, with everything in black and white and covers rarely on display, I had to really search to find my rainbow. I also wouldn’t necessarily say these are my favourite books, but they are ones I have read and enjoyed. Nonetheless, here it is and make sure you click the book covers to find out more!



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