The Conclusion (BookTubeAThon)

I was pretty rubbish about doing the BookTubeAThon this year, but with most challenges I set myself, I have to do it a few times for it to sink in. Failure number one was failing to do the daily posts, which even extended to the wrap up so here’s the books I finished in the BookTubeAThon…

MV5BMTM2MTI5NzA3MF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwODExNTc0OA@@._V1_SX214_AL_1. The Silver Linings Playbook (and watched the film!)

I definitely loved the book more than the film. It follows the recovery of Pat, who had been in a psychiatric hospital and who is obsessed with being a better man for his wife Nikki. You gain a first person perspective into someone’s struggle with depression and with readjusting to life in general, as they gain new friends and become better aquatinted with old ones.

I felt like the film lost all of the depth and love of the characters and I also thought that it didn’t capture the obsession that he has. That said, it was still an okay film. I always enjoy Jennifer Lawrence’s acting and Bradley Cooper is slowly becoming a new favourite of mine.

I read it on my kindle with the movie cover edition, so along with having seen the trailer, I was picturing Cooper and Lawrence in my mind as I read, so I can’t comment about whether there were differences in how I imagined them.

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81PwGWX-omL._SL1500_2. Matched 

This was the first in what I aimed to be my series from start to finish but I just struggled with getting any reading done this week.

That said, I was happy to divulge into some YA dystopia (my favourite woo!) and I had a reasonably pleasant experience reading this book. It follows Cassia Reyes and her experiences in a world that has optimised human life – ensuring that you marry the perfect person and produce the perfect offspring and then die pleasantly and surrounded by friends/family at 80 years of age.

She is matched, as expected, but then experiences an unexpected instance of being given a second match and across the book you discover her struggles to reconcile this and behave as society expects.

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So yes, I only finished two But the following week, I did conclude my pledge by finishing off Crossed and Reached and while I’ve gotten distracted since and read other books, I will definitely be taking a look at We Were Liars (after I’ve finished my current and brief foray into non-fiction with Harry’s Last Stand, which is so far excellent).

Like all book challenges I set, I think this will require another look next year, where I hope to be more successful (with my 52 books challenge, I certainly was in Year 2!).



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