My 2014 Goals in Review


So we’re back to the goals. My 2015 goals will be coming shortly, but firstly I wanted to sign off 2014.

Work Harder

This is a tricky one to sign off. In terms of my uni career, I certainly didn’t work harder. But now I’m in the real world and I’d say I do work a hell of a lot harder. So swings and roundabouts

Write More

I don’t think I’ve written a thing…

Win An Election

As I discussed in June, kind of…

Get 200 Followers

Yeah I kind of went the opposite way with this one, because I moved my blog over to a new hosting and lost every one I had. Whoops.

Get a 2:1 in my Degree


Lose a Stone

Once again… Sort of. I’m back on Weight Watchers now and lost a stone so far, but Christmas has inevitably ruined those efforts.

Save £1000

Didn’t happen

Read 52 Books

I’m currently at 39 and I imagine I’ll hit 40. Not being at uni meant it has been a LOT more difficult to read now.

Play More Open Mic Nights

UHm… I did one

Blog More!

Neglected more than ever. Sorry blog!


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