Hey, 2014? You were pretty unforgettable

I just came online to start writing out my 2015 goals and I realised that perhaps I was due a write up of the year just gone first. While I’ve already shown that perhaps my goals last year didn’t work, I still had an unforgettable 2014 and I think it’s worth mentioning all the stuff I did.

10502067_10203329452849663_1910309017663984493_nFirstly and most significantly, I graduated! Having spent (nearly) three years in Liverpool, in July I walked on stage and shook hands with a man I disliked and was given an Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Combined Honours (English and Politics), with an Upper Second Class Grade. I had an absolute blast at University, and I’m not sure I’m over graduating yet, and I’m not over leaving Liverpool. But this leads to my next two things – I got a job and I moved to Salford. I won’t say where I’m working, but I will say that it’s a great job in a great atmosphere with great people, in an exciting industry.

Politically I had a lot of fun too! I stood in my student officer elections in March, which I unfortunately lost out on, and then in May I stood for the first time under a Green Party ticket as the candidate for Liverpool Central Ward. I’m pleased to have come second with 19% of the vote there, and while Liverpool may have unfortunately seen the last of me, I’ll certainly be standing elsewhere in the future and doing similar awesome stuff.  Plus, I was re-elected as Co-Convenor of Young Greens North, after a year of seeing similar regional groups pop up all over the country and I helped to create the Young Greens Regional Senate, which as a Co-Convenor I now sit on.

In debating, I attended the European Championships (EUDC) in Zagreb this August with Jack. Here I came in the top 100 teams and ended on a good point score, plus I got to see a fellow NAMDA team, and two great guys win (Sheffield!). And while we’re on the topic of Sheffield, in December I had my first IV judging break at the Sheffield IV.  I also got to hand over the society to my wonderful boyfriend, who is doing a good job of keeping Liverpool Debating Union alive in my absence.

10264125_10153241991787575_5969555446388956378_oIn August, a week after returning from Zagreb, I was the bridesmaid at my mums wedding to Chriss. When she met him again, after knowing each other a number of years ago, my mum wasn’t in the best place, and it’s so great to see her so happy now. It was a wonderful ceremony and a really great day – even if the DJ was a bit rubbish and the photographer looked too much like Ed Miliband for me to handle!

This year was a good year for me in terms of Activism. As I documented, I won a small battle with paperchase and stopped them selling gendered stationery. It may have been a little win, but I think it’s still really kick ass and I’ll be talking about it for a long time. Yay feminism!

But 2014 was also met with a bit of sadness. I lost my cat Jasper in September (which I’d previously blogged about) and then on 28 November, my grandma passed away. I’ve been struggling to put my feelings about the loss of my grandma  into words since it happened, because she was an incredible lady who lived an incredibly long life and dealt with a lot of tough times – from the second world war, to losing my grandfather 14 years ago, she was strong. So I think the fitting thing to do is to end this blog with a tribute – Edna May Ellen, you were an incredible lady and I miss you. Your impact on the world will not be forgotten and I miss you dearly.  


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