Snapshot: 2016

I’ve had this blog for a while and to be honest, I’ve never quite found out what it is. Mostly I guess, it’s an odd mix of things; whichIMG_1618 is quite a good description of me.

I had a browse back through my posts a few weeks ago and as I looked through it was clear where my life was at that point in time, what I was doing (mostly uni) and I wanted to take that feeling by the horns. So here’s a snapshot of where I am right now.

I’m 23 and I live in my hometown of Harlow, in my dad’s house (but without my dad!). I work at a University Technical College and have done for 15 months now. It’s probably the best job I’ve ever had.

Politically, I’m co-chair of the Green Party of England and Wales’ youth wing and have been since November. Right now we’re in the middle of a leadership election and I’m planning the second weekend for the 30 under 30 scheme.

My hair is dyed red (still using that super drug colour) although my roots need a top up (when do they not!). I’m heavier than I’d like to be and I’m still not ovulating properly.

Right now I’m reading 3 things at once, as is normal. The first Game of Thrones book, only ever yours and none of the above. I imagine I’ll finish them at some point.

I have two cats, Simba and Hercules, who celebrated their first birthday while I was at Glastonbury this year. They manage to simultaneously be the best and worst thing about my day most of the time.

I drink far too much tea and not enough wine and I’m genuinely quite happy. But I’m pretty bad at blogging. So let’s see if I keep this up in a year’s time 😉



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