Gender shouldn’t matter, but until we’re equal, it sure as hell does

Well Capaldi, it feels like I hardly knew you. I guess, because of the break in series last year, I never really did.

I’ve been frustrated since Capaldi took over, not because he’s bad, but because I am sure he can be so much better. Like most, I’ve been a fan of his previously and he *was* one of the best things about Torchwood Children of Earth, but since he announced he was leaving a few weeks ago we’re back to that debate. Who is the next doctor? And god forbid, could they be someone other than a white man?

It’s ironic how something that has the opportunity to be anything and everything can be so ingrained in outdated ideals, isn’t it?

What I fell in love with about Doctor Who is the realm of possibility. It’s so refreshing to watch a show that is less formulaic and more, exploratory. It’s that alone that pains me that we can’t get past this “debate” of whether the doctor should be a woman.

Our media is so reflective. All I’ve seen online since the announcement a new doctor is coming, are the same arguments I see about our society. From the false idea of a meritocracy (“we cast the best person…”) to the idea that anyone other than a white man would be wrong. It’s the same arguments that people use to stop us reaching equality every day.

So for those in the cheap seats, let me say it one more time. The world isn’t equal.

I really wish we did live in a meritocracy, but it’s only those who don’t experience the culture of oppression who don’t understand that we really don’t have one. I’ve had white man after white man explain to me that we don’t need feminism and yet, I experience oppression every day. From the people who assume my male colleague is my superior (he isn’t) to those who ask me to complete menial admin tasks on their behalf, to the catcalling I get while cycling home.

As a feminist and a doctor who fan, I want the best person for the role. And the best person for the role can absolutely be a person of colour or a person who is not a man. I’ll keep my fingers and toes crossed. But I certainly won’t hold my breath.



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